Barely catching the ferry (Crossing the Caspian Sea)

From visiting the Baku seaport I was told that the Baku to Aktau ferry doesn’t in fact leave from Baku at all, but from Alat 50 miles south of Baku. Annoying the only place where you can buy tickets is from the ferry port in Baku and you can only buy them on the morning the ferry… Read more »

Terror in Turkey

Setting of from Erzincan I had the idea to see how far I could unicycle in one 24 hour period. The first part of the attempt went really well. Starting at 2pm I had covered 40miles just past 7. Spotting a bus shelter I decided to take a break for half an hour and then get back… Read more »

Some lovely Turkish experiences

15 miles after leaving Eskisehir I met my first cycle tourer since entering Turkey. Anik, from Canada was heading in the opposite direction to me towards Europe on her 5000mile ride from Italy (Milan) to Turkey (through Cappadocia and Antalya) and back again. She is part of this years ‘Sun Trip‘ and one of 30 participants that entered…. Read more »

The Asian adventure begins!

After having spent nearly 3 weeks in Istanbul, resting, doing maintenance and attempting to sort visas,  it was an amazing feeling to finally to hop back on the uni and start making progress into my second content of this tour, Asia. Knowing that I had already crossed Europe (and travelled almost 3000 miles!) did a lot to fill me… Read more »

Unicycling through a Serbian storm!

For the first time on this trip I stayed at a campsite. I don’t like paying for accommodation (the last time was a hostel in Bruge, Belgium!), much preferring to just camp either in someones garden (with permission of course) or just by the side of the road, but finding somewhere to pitch up with… Read more »

My fiery last night in Hungary

I left Baja at around 1pm due to a late night watching a Hungarian rock band, a backlog of emails to respond to and just general laziness. I had received as reply from Ljubomir, a Warmshowers host in Gospođinci, Serbia the night before informing me that I couldn’t stay with him in 2 nights time (Sunday), but he… Read more »

A night in Baja, Hungary

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a very interesting email by fellow cycle tourer Richard Medley. He informed me that he had come across my ride through the regular articles printed in the Western Gazette (a local paper from back home). Richard had also been on a long cycle tour (from Dorset, England to Turkey… Read more »

King of the castle!

The plan on Tuesday was to cycle from Stuttgart to Ulm. Just under 70 hilly miles in total. Difficult, but achievable (I thought!). I left the home of Hannah, who had kindly hosted me in Stuttgart for 2 nights (and even invited me to a beginners tango dance class the night before!), at around 9… Read more »

Kindness in France

Wow! I’ve been completely overwhelmed with generosity over the last few days! Yesterday was spent off the saddle in the home of Pierre and Virginie in Le Havre resting up my swollen ankle. Thank you for putting me up for the additional night and making me feel so welcome. The day off did wonders and… Read more »