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Setting off and the egg sandwich incident!

So my World Unicycle Tour is finally underway! …well, kind of. Let me explain. The official start point of my ride was Chilthorne Domer where the charity ‘School in a Bag’ is based. It is only 10 miles away from my home so, after packing everything up the night before, I set off from our… Read more »

350 Miles, 1 Wheel (AKA. ‘The Uni Uni Tour’)

It would have been pretty silly to set off on a 18,000 mile round the world unicycle ride without testing a few things first. Things like (A.) My custom made unicycle luggage system, (B.) My equipment (tent, stove, sleeping bag etc.) and (C.) Myself! – how will I hold up? The only real way to test everything was actually go on a… Read more »