Kindness in France

Wow! I’ve been completely overwhelmed with generosity over the last few days!
Yesterday was spent off the saddle in the home of Pierre and Virginie in Le Havre resting up my swollen ankle. Thank you for putting me up for the additional night and making me feel so welcome. The day off did wonders and my ankle is now feeling much much stronger.


Pierre and Virginie in Le Harve

Today I cycled with Max (a Warmshowers host that I didn’t stay with) for the first 15 miles of the day to the Le Belvédère restaurant in Saint-Jouin-Bruneval. Thank you for joining me Max, it was great to have some company on the road.

DSC00377 DSC00373

After Max had headed back home I decided to rest for a few minutes at the viewpoint where the restaurant is situated. I had only just started nibbling on my Lidl chocolate when the owner of Le Belvédère, Jérôme Geulin, came out to ask about my unicycle. I told him what I was up to and he invited me inside to eat lunch with his family. He produced a massive plate of pasta and beef with a dessert of cheesecake! After I was done he sent me on my way with a couple of bread rolls and €20 in my pocket for me to “buy some good food with”.

Wow! Just wow! I literally couldn’t stop grinning for the rest of the day. Acts of kindness like this make a monumental difference and really highlight why cycle touring is such a great way to experience and interact with the places you visit.
Thank you Jérôme and your family for feeding me and I will be sure to use the €20 on some really good food soon.

But wait! The generosity of today doesn’t end there. When travelling though Fécamp I started chatting to a group of tricking BMXers. After talking about my plans (thank you Brits Will and James for translating), one of the group, Gregoire, said it might be alright if I stayed with him and his parent tonight. Thank you Gregoire, Stephanie and Terry for opening up your home to me tonight.

DSC00389 DSC00390

Tomorrow night I’m staying in a village just outside Dieppe at the home of Warmshowers host Nicholas. If tomorrow is half as great as today, it will be another fantastic day!

Here is episode 2 from my ‘Unicycling around the world’ video series:

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