School in a Bag – Giving Hope to a Child’s Future


School in a Bag is an initiative run by the UK registered charity The Piers Simon Appeal. The concept of School in a Bag was born in late 2009 following a collaboration project to send SchoolBags to orphan children in Swaziland, Africa.

School in a Bag is a simple solution created to help poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster affected children throughout the world. A typical SchoolBag contains: 10 pencils, 10 biro pens, 12 colouring pencils, a maths set, a ruler, a pencil case, 3 exercise books (line/square/plain) a water bottle and a lunch box containing a spork. These resources enable a child to write, draw, colour, calculate, express themselves and, above all, learn. Each SchoolBag delivered to a child will give hope to his or her future and has the potential to transform their life.

Why School in a Bag?

The School in a Bag headquarters are based locally to me, just a hour’s unicycle ride away. This is exactly what I wanted when considering potential charities to support. To be locally based, but provide aid internationally. The work they do makes a big difference to the futures of thousands of children and this is why I’ve chosen to work with them.

The concept is transparent. You see exactly where your money goes. Donating £15 will deliver one SchoolBag to one child. If you would like to donate, please head on over to my Virgin Money Giving page and help me send 500 SchoolBags to children throughout the world!

To find out more about School in a Bag visit their website here. To view my Virgin Money Giving page, visit here.